Thursday, 11 October 2012

If you haven't heard already...

My very first R-T-W clothing collection will be launching (was last month) soon....? if my photographer ever decide to finish editing the photos. Philip, DO THE PHOTOS. Extremely sorry about the delay, who would have thought setting up your own clothing label at the age of 19 would be so difficult..

In July, I flown over to Shanghai and Hangzhou, where the fashion house and factories are based. I got to meet the team of people that I will be working with in the coming years, meeting the designers from the fashion house and most importantly, to begin the preparation for my new line. 

My schedule was filled with "must-dos and must-go" while my mother was being very well looked after and driven to places on her "must-see and must-buy" list. I was either working in the office, being driven to different factories and getting free designer samples (not complaining at all) or working in the factories, re-designing and selecting pieces that might be suitable for A/W 2013 - 2014 Hong Kong Fashion Week.

My very own office!


Lovely sewist working on my designs

Bare with me for a little longer boys and girls!

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