Sunday, 27 January 2013

J.W Anderson X Topshop

Hope Christmas was a merry one and that you all had a messy new year? Lots of good Christmas sales shopping in between? I am all the above, with too much food.

Went into Topshop for the first time in many many many many many years. MANY. Surprisingly, found myself a few pieces from the J.W. Anderson x Topshop collection. 

I was very tempted to purchase the logo print umbrella too, but one thing I have learnt to do (which would have been a little more economical if I had done so in the past) – hold up an item and ask yourself
'Do I like it or do I love it?’ if love,
‘Would I still be thinking about it before bed tonight if I hadn’t buy it?’ 

If the answer is yes. Do it. And so I did. Money well spent..

Photos to follow...

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