Sunday, 22 April 2012

Court vs Platform

Why platform heels when you have court shoes?
less pain and actually possible to walk in.
same theory as iphones
once I got an iphone why the hell did i ever bother with a blackberry ?

Some v. important rules about court shoes,

Rule number 1)
 of course they don't make you look as tall as wearing platform heels,
solution - roll up your jeans so your ankles are showing, that will elongate your legs.

Rule number 2)
If you insist to wear massive platform heels,
please, pull down your dress.

Rule number 3) 
get them in any materials you like (suede/ leather/ fur *i have a pair in pony hair)
Avoid patent. they are tacky and they look cheap.

Rule number 4)
If someone hands you a pair of nude patent platform Louboutins,
ignore my rules and say yes.

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