Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Big D.

Since D&G Spring Summer 2010 it has almost been 2 years of non-stop double d.

But don't you think this trend has been dragged on for a little too long?
As chic and easy-to-wear as it is, double denim just isn't as exciting and creative as it used to be.

This summer, I suggest we take denim to the absolute extreme 
double/ TRIPLE/ acid washed/ bleached/ boyfriend's/ skinny/ bootcut/ cropped/ ripped/ tie-dyed/ dip-dyed/ two toned/ fringed/ patched/ printed/ cut out/ALL. AT. THE. SAME. TIME.


ribbed denim dungaree over cut out acid washed denim shirt with cropped denim vest
what you sayyyyyyyin?


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