Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hilton Hotel & Resort Pattaya

Architecture is not particularly my area of expertise (more like my big sister's, who by the way, has devoted herself to studying architecture for the next seven years), but how have I never taken a good look at the decor and architecture of this place?

Hilton Hotel & Resort is owned by the Hilton Worldwide group which has over 3,897 hotels in 91 countries ( wikipedia wikipedia..), this one in Pattaya, Thailand was opened just two years ago, we were very honoured to be invited to stay during the hotel opening in 2010 and we have been returning at least twice a year ever since !

Hotel was design by the Department of ARCHITECTURE (a team of 20 architects), I can't quite figure out what the theme is? like I said - really not my area of expertise. I liked the bathrooms, they are mint green..matched my dress..

Lobby & 'Drift Bar' :

 Linkage Space:

'Edge' Restaurant :

View from hotel room:

- Photographed by daddy ma -

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