Sunday, 3 June 2012


Yuliya Dymytriyenko - student at the London College of Fashion

Perfect example of cheating, these are obviously not what she wore to uni this week. However, those who are on our course at LCF would not be surprised if darling Yuliya turned up in a ball gown (in a nice way). I hope you are all ready for this

Monday: coat and desigual bag from Christian Dior

Tuesday: White lace dress (own design)/ Fendi belt/ D&G Black Blazer

Wednesday: orange jeans by Joseph/ D&G grey T-shirt/ Jean-Claude Jitrois leather Jacket/ Sequin hat by Paris Hilton/ Louboutin shoes/ Chanel clutch

Thursday: Dress (own design)/ Jimmy choo’s heels/ Prada pink clucth

Back to winter : Dior boots/ D&G jeans/ Salomon fur coat/ Prada fur hat

Summer...: Dress in Swarovski Crystals by Pavoni/ Fendi strap heels

Winter..: D&G Orange lace dress/ Chanel bag/ Valentino Fur coat/ look she is wearing a Topshop hat
my eyes are as wide as my laptop screen and jaw has hit the floor 5 minutes ago.
Next week's [WhoWearWhat] featuring a 20 year-old London based Austrian fashion blogger.
watch out for this space

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  1. I don't understand why you would write this article just showing off someone on our course who obviously has loads of money to spend on clothes- This is just feeding into the fashion stereo type. Fashion is so much more than how many designer names you could be wearing at once.