Monday, 4 June 2012

The Perfect Flor

When people say floral, whats the first thing that comes to mind?



or this?

There is not one piece of clothing in my wardrobe in this 'floral' print. (black floral harem pants 2 summers ago. but thats it, I swear) Not because I don't like floral prints (well yes), but one they never look good on me,
2) they are just a little too pretty pretty,
3) think about it, they have been around forever - dark floral jeans in winter/ light floral shorts in summer.. dark long sleeves floral dress in winter/ light strapless floral dress in summer.. I am just not crazy about it. 

This summer. it's all about finding the perfect FLOR.

I) Forget small repeated pattern - go big and bold

II)  Look for floral with more contrasted colours - pastel coloured background with bright coloured floral - bright coloured floral with pale coloured background

III) Wear actual flower print maybe? some people genuinely think all swirly/ flower-lookalike patterns are called 'floral'

IV) Think OUTSIDE the box- Don't stick with the typical chiffon dresses or denim shorts. go for massive flower necklaces/ head pieces/ earrings/ nails/ hair/ face/ get floral in places one should never get floral.

Alexis Mabille SS12 (big flower head piece)

D&G SS12 (plain outfits statement floral)

Ashish SS12
(sequin all over/ bold flower prints with clashing prints - polka dots + checked + striped)

Cristopher Kane SS12

I have given up trying to re-design this site for the 8749th time. Daddy ma is going to help look for a web designer over the summer, this temporary layout will have to do for now.

Had my first skype meeting today with a business consultant in Hong Kong for a potential MA's new business, fingers crossed everything will go smoothly as planned, stay tuned! and today has officially been 3 months since this site has started, thank you thank you thank you for the 6,549 views over the past 3 months! 

Lots of Love

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