Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fan BingBing

Fan Bing Bing
A very successful chinese actress, model and singer. From dragon emblazoned chinese gown to Parisian couture, she always always look good in everything. Recent years been appearing front row at Fashion week (LV, Jean Paul Gaultier, Ellie Saab in particular) and attending A-list events in Paris. keep an eye out for her because bingbing is heading westttt.

Cannes Film Festival Opening ceremony - Christopher Bu gown/ Ellie Saab clutch

L'oreal Paris 15th Anniversary dinner - Valentino Couture dress/ Ferragamo clutch

'De Rouille et D'Os' Cannes Film Festuval premiere - Ellie Saab Nude cape and gown/ Same clutch as above

Front Row at Ellie Saab/ Last year's cannes film fest in Christopher Bu/
Get your asian prints onnnn

Parisian designer Philippe Charriol leather clutch/ Marc Jacobs double cuff white shirt and skull cufflinks/ Levis Jeans/ ASOS black court shoes/ red asian print blouse (sh.....)/hoops earrings

First sign of sun this month Londoners think they are in the fucking Caribbean. You can't walk around the city in a bikini top. At least book yourself a few sunbed sessions. Jesus

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