Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dior Homme Pre-Fall 2012

Took a job at Dior Homme few days ago
thought it would be a good idea seeing I know absolutely nothing about menswear?
First day at work, got to view the Dior Homme Pre-fall 2012 collection before they were out in stores. my oh my. fittest suits I have ever seen (not fit 'hot' fit but measurement fit wise if that make sense?) and a very unusual blue colour 100% silk zip up jacket (which I can't find a photo on the internet) I had to act cool near all my new colleagues... but I will try snap one next week !

There was also a pair of black leather ankle boots for men, tried them on in the smallest size but obviously they are way too wide for women - why don't men wear boots? do they? i dont know? they should. I like a man in boots

AND HEY! blog just reached 5000views !

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