Friday, 4 May 2012

1920 is when it all began (Part I)

Went to a very interesting lecture on Wednesday night, 
it was about how all events that happened between 1920 - 1938
have influenced the fashion then, and now.

Quick reminder of few major events during this period
- Art Deco began
 - the birth of surrealism (*Rene Magritte*)
- Prohibition & the Great Depression
- Hollywood's golden years
- coloured instead of black & white movies
- silent films to talkies
-Zeitgeist movement
etc. etc.

- Prohibition -
Of course, when something becomes illegal, we become more interested.
Prohibition of alcohol had an influence on fashion to a certain extent during the 20s.

Ever wonder why small vodka or whiskey bottles are slightly curved?
They were specifically designed during period of prohibition
 so that gentlemen can fit the bottles in their suit trousers against their thighs,
and the inner pockets of their suit jackets, perfectly placed against their chest.
This reminds me of wearing suspenders underneath that
disgusting green checked skirt at the age of 15 when I went to St Mary's convent.
chilling with nuns in my suspenders.
so naughty.

- Coco Chanel VS. Elsa Schiaparelli -

The lobster dress? nail gloves? Shoe hat? of course they didn't get on.

Schiaparelli was working very closely with the surrealists, 
and because of her daring designs 
many film producers wanted her collections on the hollywood movie stars. 

 And because Chanel was all about elegance and quality, 
her designs never really made it into the Hollywood scene.

- Knitwear - 
Coco Chanel was the first designer who brought in knitwear with knitted patterns. 
Not just different style of knitting, 
but putting shapes and patterns into designs.

However, Schiaparelli was the one who made knitwear huge,
she once wore this jumper to a very formal conference, everyone was shocked. 
Next day, boom. she was the talk of the town.

- Sun tanning  -
Again, thanks to Coco Chanel.
She got burnt one time when visiting French Riveria,
and apparently all her fans really liked her look
 therefore started to adopt darker skin tones themselves.

- 30s Transparent/ Sheer garments (HUGE TREND) -

you would think that wore see-through dresses with slips, but no - just underwear.

- Zips-
1938: Circus Collection - zips were put onto garments for the first time

- Shocking Pink-

This could very possibly be the reason why Chanel has beaten Schiaparelli after all.
Both labels were producing fragrances,
Chanel named hers 'Chanel No.5'
Schiaparelli named her pink bottled perfume 'Shocking'..
no one knew who the designer was but the colour, shocking pink, was remembered.

- Style icons of the 30s -
Marlene Dietrich - movie star, known for her masculine style, often dressed in tailored suits

Joan Crawford - american actress, known for just being really pretty

Sorry about the huge amount of writing,
its just that I never turn up to lectures,
who knew you actually do learn something....

Part (II) will cover how the second world war had an huge influence on fashion during the 30s/ 
what Hitler tried to do to the fashion industry
Make do and mend/
style icon of the 1940s/

I've been working on posts about 'Who's been wearing what this week', 
so photograph your outfit every day, 7 pictures a week with small descriptions about your outfits
send them over to 
and watch out for this space !


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